"The Man Who Has No Imagination Has No Wings."

Fahed Alshahman is a fine art photographer, His passion for photography blossomed in high school, in order to improve his skill he had joined some courses in fine art photography ,and lighting as well, he believe s that photography is the way to express his felling towards the Mother Nature around him its kind of mirror that reflected the beauty he came by, his dream is always to explore the nature and to touch the beauty of it, as a fine art photographer his photos have been shown in numerous exhibitions since 2001.

Fahed Ashahman

- Kuwaiti Fine art photographer

- Member of the Kuwait Arts Association

- Member of the International Association of Arts- Paris

- Member of Association of handicrafts to the continent of Asia



1. 2001 Souq Sharq

2.2003 Kuwait University "COLLEGE OF EDUCATION"

3.2003 Kuwait University, "College of Commerce

4.2004 Virgin megastore

5.2004 Hala February "Kuwait airport" Professional

6.2004 Phototitk -Kuwait Arts Association

7.2005 "National Council for Culture and Arts " Museum of Modern Art, "

8.2005 The Arabic lenses "Saudi Arabia," Riyadh

9. 2006 Place in the Hall of Brunei, UK (Kuwait harmony with time)

10-2007 Fine art black & white photography Kuwait- the Museum of Modern Art

11.2007 "Harmony" Kuwait Arts Association

12-2009 contrast "Kuwait Arts Association

13-2010 "light rhythms " Kuwait- The Museum of Modern Art

14-2011 Kuwait embassy in Kiev -Ukraine